Which type of respirator should I select?

For non-medical end-users

Select the KN95 Face Mask. Currently, our product can be exported for non-medical use to the US.

For medical use

Our KN95 Face Mask is pending China NMDA listing to meet the updated EUA criteria for approved respirators listed on Appendix A. 

What is your manufacturing capacity?

We currently produce a minimum of 500,000 respirator units daily.

Are factory tours available?

Please contact Randy ([email protected]) to schedule for a physical factory visit and video tour.

What are the packaging quantities?


1 case = 20 boxes (1000 pcs)


1 box = 10 bags (50 pcs)

Protective Bag

1 bag = 5 pcs

Single Product

1 pc

Which delivery options do you offer?

We offer deliver to the door, or FOB China

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